The chrysaly house

French touch for franco-spanish outfits

It’s with special attention that we develop our models of wedding dresses within our workshops. Every phase is looked after: 
Pattern, drape, fitting and adjustement in every sizes, the realization in the fine and noble materials and our seamstress which sew with an haute-couture method are making the quality of our brand.
We are looking for perfection so that your day will be perfect. 

Since its parisian beginning in the custom-made, the franco-spanish brand has kept its french touch and its expertise in haute couture while offering a wedding dresses collection available to everyone and now open on Europe.

Caroline Esposito, wedding dresses fashion creator

We call her "The queen of drape".
Caroline Esposito has more than 12 years of experience in wedding dresses. 
She can boast to dominate the cloth, draped on a model, in flat to adjust it, while bringing an esthetic sense according to every morphology and with an always increasing creativity.
For her, every body has his own story and his personal beauty which has to be enhanced. She claim that every dress, whatever it is, well-settled and well-adjusted can be becoming whatever is the person who wears it. 

The story of a wedding brand

Chrysalis: From the caterpillar to the butterfly, the silk thread coat like a cocoon.

After studying applied arts in Lyon and fashion design, Caroline Esposito move to Paris where she developed her skills in model making and haute couture in prestigious schools.. 
Then, her experiences with parisian brands, gave her the assurance and conviction to create her own brand Chrysaly in 2006.
She specialize herself in designing custom made wedding dresses and for more than 10 years, her clients entrusted her with their unique dresses. 

Today the Chrysaly semi custom-made wedding dresses are consistent with the request of brides-to-be which can’t find what they are looking for in stores: outfits suitable with their budget and more open in the wedding industry.